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5th May 2023

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Link to Gents Two Person Scramble rules




3rd April 2024

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To print out the Texas Scramble rules use this link

 TEXAS Scrambles: - Committee agreed to use the following format for scrambles 

Maximum individual course handicap cap: 28 (Gents) 36 (Ladies)

Please calculate individual course handicap from each player’s HCI using course handicap charts

Add up all of the players Course Handicap and take 10% of the aggregate. The maximum team handicap is Gents (6), Mixed (9) and Ladies (10). The Handicap (10%) must be put at the bottom of the scorecard before calculating nett score. Decimal points count. Do NOT round to nearest whole figure.

Example:  4 players have individual course handicap of 4, 12, 15, 20. The added total gives 51. 10% would give a team handicap of 5.1

Gents: White tees

Ladies: Red tees

3 Drives each, one which is required to be taken at a par 3. Each individual team player MUST have a drive at the 1st, 8th, 10th and 15th hole.  



5th May 2023

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