Golf began in Invergordon in 1893 with 9 holes at Rosskeen. Strange as it may seem, golf could only be played there during the spring and winter because the course was laid out on arable land and the grass cutting machines of the time couldn't cope with the amount of growth in summer and autumn.


In 1921 a 9-hole course was opened on land now occupied by Invergordon Distillery and Seabank housing. The course extended to border Joss Street in the town.


At the outbreak of the Second World War, the government took over the course and built a camp of Nissen huts to house the armed forces stationed in Invergordon.


The golf club was given £5,000 by way of compensation and this money were used to build a 9-hole course in the grounds of Invergordon's former castle. 7 of those holes survive as part of our present 18-hole course which opened in 1996.


Invergordon has long held a place in Naval history and was an important base in the First World War for the Royal Navy and served as a base for flying boats in World War 2.


Learn more about our history with a visit to the INVERGORDON NAVAL MUSEUM.


To this day the course maintains its links with the Royal Navy by offering free golf to Naval Officers. 


Written by Willie Moore




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